San Salvador, centro Historico


A resilient capital, rich in history, scars and hope

A travel guide to our favorite capital in Central America

San Salvador, El Salvador’s resilient heart. The capital bears deeps scares. Many of them are still visible at Centro Histórico and tangible in the hearts and memories of its inhabitants. Its heartache was omnipresent. Yet the city’s fierce determination for a better future, its hopes and aspirations are infectious making San Salvador our favorite capital in Central America.

Pulsing energy

San Salvador is exciting, its energy infectious. The city, with its many museums, churches, and murals offers visitors the opportunity to learn and understand El Salvador’s history. Colorful paintings often grace San Salvador’s walls. Pay attention when passing them. They often tell the stories of recent history and aim to raise awareness for social issues.

A capital between volcanos and beaches

The pulsing capital is surrounded by stunning volcanos, frolicking with lots of day trip opportunities. As if this weren’t enough reasons to visit, you can also reach some of the most lively beaches within a short bus (about one hour) ride of you feel like getting out of the city. San Salvador mesmerized us and stole our hearts. We can only recommend visiting and getting to know its fabulous people.

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