Secluded beaches and world-class surfing

A travel guide to El Salvador’s beaches

El Cuco is winged by two impressive beaches on either side. Playa Esteron, a remote white sand beach, which is home to sea turtles and Playa Las Flores. Playa Las Flores boasts world-class waves for surfing.

We haven’t been to the beach in Nicaragua and were super excited to spend some time by the water. After our scenic border crossing via the Golfo de Fonseca, we hopped on two buses and reached El Cuco by night. During our first bus ride, we already got the first taste of what made us fall in love with El Salvador: its people.

A warm welcome to El Salvador

From all sides, people were beaming at us, welcoming us to their country, offering help and eager to chat. During the entire bus ride, we listened to stories, shared chips and other snacks, laughed and joked. Exhilarated and excited by the kind welcome, we got off the bus at night and jumped on a pick up offering us a ride to our first hostel, “La Tortuga Verde.

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