Sri Lanka – surfing, tea plantations and broken travel dreams

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Travel Sri Lanka – Our itinerary:

1st stop: Negombo – easing into Sri Lanka

2nd stop: Tangalle – laid back vibes and surfing

3rd stop: Galle – colonial charm and boutique shopping

4th stop: ColomboHow the Easter bombing left us at loss with the world

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Travel Sri Lanka – Our itinerary:

1st stop: Negombo
– Easing into Sri Lanka –

2nd stop: Tangalle
Laid back vibes and surfing –

3rd stop: Galle
– Colonial charm and exquisite shopping-

4th stop: Colombo
– How the Easter bombing left us at loss with the world-

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Surfing, jungle adventures, tea plantations, ancient cities, yoga, and meditation retreats, Ayurveda treatments

The locals:
After almost 30 years of civil war and a devastating tsunami, Sri Lankans are incredibly eager to show their island. While many may not speak English, you are often greeted with a smile, head wiggle, and curiosity.

Life as a traveler:
Diverse. Sri Lanka offers so many things to do at a pretty affordable price. It’s easy to get around by bus and train. With friendly locals, cheap transport and affordable accommodations Sri Lanka is the perfect destination to immerse into the South Asian culture. Oh, and the food is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

Best time to travel: Sri Lanka is an all year round destination. You just have to mind the monsoon. High season for traveling the South is from October to April. The east coast is best discovered from May till October when waves attract surfers from across the world.

Sri Lanka Safety:
The tragic Easter bombings took place while we were traveling to Sri Lanka. While Sri Lanka recovers from the aftermath and is looking for answers, travelers are advised to avoid public places.
As females, we felt very safe during the daytime but can only advise you to be careful at nights.

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Our first time traveling to South East Asia  started and ended quite differently then expected

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Our journey to Sri Lanka was determined by the lot. We were so excited for our first joint trip to the “other side” of the world. We were dreaming about learning how to surf, find our peace and learn from Buddhist meditation practices, recharge our batteries in an Ayurveda retreat. We were going to learn about Buddhism and discover ancient cities. Yet, as you can see from our itinerary, not many of our hopes and dreams were fulfilled. They were literally blown and torn with the Easter Bombing in Colombo. With shock in our bones and a heavy heart, we were utterly unable to continue traveling. Ultimately, we didn’t learn or experience what we hoped for but found ourselves and loss for words and feelings.