the concerte jungle

A travel guide for Costa Rica’s intriguing capital city

Many people who visit Costa Rica skip San José and head straight to places like La Fortuna, Monteverde, and other natural wonders. Those places are marvelous to see, and we highly recommend them. However, if you have a few more days to spend in Costa Rica, we suggest stopping in San José. This vibrant city has numerous cultural sights, a robust food scene, and plenty to do. While San José is Costa Rica’s largest city, sustainability is still valued. Its concrete buildings blend into the natural landscape.

A city where urban spaces blend into nature

San José, known as “Chepe” by locals, is Costa Rica’s cultural and economic hub. The expression “concrete jungle” describes the city perfectly. Costa Rica’s endless lush greenery balances out the large, concrete buildings. It has all of the amenities any urban area would have without feeling too congested. Travelers can visit its many neighborhoods and see some beautiful modern and historical architecture. The city has some outstanding markets to explore, serving up fresh food and selling all types of goods. If you need a break, you can relax at one of its many spacious urban parks. At night, if you’re looking for some exciting nightlife, there are many bars and clubs to enjoy.