It’s always been the people we met who made our experience. Little has thought and given us more then the endless chats we had across the world. Get to know the extraordinary people we met and learn about their lives and very unique stories.

People of Morocco

Mohammed - The eloquent Berber in the big city

The extroverted young Berber thought himself how to speak for languages. On top of that, he is extremely curious but he never asked himself if he would like to live elsewhere in the world.
People of Morocco
People of Belize

Captain Doggy - from Belize City to the Cayes

Doogy is probably the coolest captain you could wish for on a boat trip to the paradisiac Cayes. We could feel that he found his fulfillment as Captain Doggy. The Captain Lifestyle has changed his life and shaped his values. When he grew up in the streets of Belize City, he was already nicknamed Doggy.
Garifuna in Belize

Dan Man - Garinagu to the bone

Originally from the notorious Belize City, Dan has also lived in the United States for seven years. During this time he faced harsh criticism for being a Rasta. He was forced to cut his beard and dreadlocks to fit in and find work. After 7 years he returned to his home country and settled in the quiet village of Hopkins.
People of El Salvador

Isaac - a San Salvadorian in pursuit of freedom

Do you know those people who just put a smile on your face? People who just let you get carried away and blossom. Isaac is one of those people in whose presence you can immediately feel comfortable. His authentic and humorous personality inspired us.
People of El Salvador

Douglas - the determined father

Growing up with a father who held a high rank in El Salvador's military and a strong, confident mother Douglas' childhood was well protected. His upbringing may have been privileged compared to many El Salvadorian families, but also caused many challenges in daily life which we couldn't even imagine. With his father being an ex-military and aspiring politician, the family has faced threats from gangs.
People of El Salvador

Doris - a strong-hearted and powerful woman

We were headed to the beautiful beaches of El Cuco when met Doris at San Miguel’s bus station. Doris actually the first person we were lucky to get to know during our journey through El Salvador. Wanting to stack up our food and snack supplies we asked her for help to find stores. All set we started our journey to El Cuco with Doris, the best company possible.
People of Nicaragua

Wally - the quaint expat

Wally, who was born in Iraq first came to Nicaragua 11 years ago. When you first meet him, the gentle soul seems unimposing, but as so often the first perception is misleading. Wally is actually an all-or-nothing kind of person. He follows his intuition and always gives it his everything. Listening to his path in Nicaragua was impressive. He originally came to Nicaragua on vacation but was captivated by the openness of the people and ended up moving his life from Bagdad to Nicaragua.
People of Nicaragua

Hector - 8 seconds of adrenaline

Rodeo, Nicaragua’s national sport only has one goal: lasting on the wild bull for at least 8 seconds. The rules are simple, but the oughts are against the rider. Eight seconds don’t seem too long, but they take everything from the courageous rider feel like an eternity. To Hector, bull riding has long become his elixir of life.
People of Tanzania