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What to pack for trip to the Caribbean

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Are you ready to start your incredible adventure in the Caribbean? From stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters to rich culture, this is a paradise full of exciting sights and experiences. To make sure you have a memorable trip filled with tropical magic, it’s essential to create the right packing list. Don’t worry – this should be as enjoyable as planning the trip itself! Ready? Let’s dive into what should go in your backpack or suitcase for that Caribbean adventure!

In this blog post, I want to share my advice with you on what clothing essentials you should pack, gadgets that will make things easier along the way, plus some tips designed with the budget- and eco-conscious traveler in mind. So get ready – let’s take off!

Things to know when packing for the Caribbean


The Caribbean is warm all year round with an average temperature range from 80°F. Depending on your activities and the height you are planning on doing hikes you will need to bring a proper windbreaker as it does get windy.


Catholicism is a big thing in the Caribbean and especially in the city, people dress modestly. Nightlife is a big thing and depending on the party, this is where you can go wild with your outfit. You will also notice at local beaches, that woman frequently enter the water with shirts or a more covering swimwear. 


When backpacking the Caribbean you get the chance to truly get to know this incredibly diverse region with its distinct cultures and ways of life. I’ll promise you: you’ll find some of the most buzzing cities, roaring waterfalls, breathtaking nature and astonishing cultural sights.

Culture and Religion

The Caribbean is heavily influenced by Catholicism. Locals are dressed modestly, especially in the cities. Make sure to pack a more modest outfit (cover shoulder to knee), especially if you plan on visiting cities. Generally, people are very conscious of wearing clean clothes (from head to toe!) and it is greatly appreciated if you do, too!

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Items to pack in your carry-on

Even though I fly regularly, I still get a little anxious and uncomfortable on intercontinental flights. So I try to bring everything I need on the plane to make traveling as comfortable as possible.

Sleep comfortably while flying

I have a really hard time sleeping while traveling. Here are my tried and tested favorite carry-on items to bring so you can catch up on some sleep!

Personal favorite

Travel Pillow

Be comfortable even in the middle seat

I try to spend as much time sleeping as possible. After testing countless options, I found the inflatable pillow the perfect companion. The pillow is very flexible, and you can lean against it in the window seat. It is super small when deflated. 

Recycled material


Comfy and ocean-friendly

Happy Ears OP presents eco-friendly earplugs made of ocean plastics – the perfect eco-alternative to synthetic earplugs. They come in various sizes expertly designed to replicate the inner ear canal, providing superior comfort and reliable hearing protection. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they offer a money-back guarantee if you're unsatisfied.


Sleeping mask

Comfy and pure silk

Ettitude's conscious mask is constructed with silk and silky texture looks beautiful and feels unbelievably comfortable. This sleep mask provides the comfort to enjoy your flight without a worry.

Recycled material

Compression socks

Eco-friendly & stylish

Gain better leg circulation with Comrad's eco-friendly compression socks. The fabric is comfortable, leaving you feeling cozy and not chafing. Paired with sweatpants, you can effortlessly glide through any airport, knowing your legs are getting support.

Stay fresh while on the go

I feel much more comfortable sleeping and relaxing when I can freshen up. Plus, I feel much better after arriving after a long overseas flight.


Eco-friendly face wipes

Organic & convenient

Disposable wace wipes are so useful to have, especially when you are on the road. To minimize my impact, make sure to purchase eco-friendly recyclable options!


Clean Teeth

Fresh breath & zero trash

These eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes are packed in recyclable paper sleeves, so you can stay safe and protected wherever you go! Also, each toothbrush is BPA-free and vegan-friendly — plus, they are completely biodegradable.




This eco-friendly set of five travel-size skincare products has everything you need to keep your skin healthy and refreshed while on the go. This travel kit is a comprehensive solution for trips, from a hydrating facial soap to a purifying mask. The items are held in a zip pouch made from recycled cotton.

Natural cosmetics



Colored lip balm
One of my personal favorites and a must-have anywhere I go, especially on planes where my lips get dehydrated.

CC Cream
I just feel a lot fresher when I look fresher. So I carry my tinted serum and apply it shortly before leaving the plane. The Clean Skin Tint Combines Makeup, Skincare, + SPF Into One Step. With Every Wear, Skincare Actives Visibly Hydrate, Smooth, + Refine Bare Skin. Non-Nano Zinc Oxide Shields Skin From UVA/UVB/UVC Rays, Blue Light, + Pollution. 

Stay entertained while traveling

Flights and long bus rides can get a bit boring. So I try to keep myself occupied when I can't sleep.

Travel Guide

Last minute inspiration

I like to get some last-minute information and travel ideas before reaching a destination. Lonely Planet has been my companion for years, providing me with endless practical tips and information.

Free trial period


Audio Books & Podcasts

My go-to App when I want to tune out: Is Audible! I love their wide range of audio books and original podcasts. You can download them before traveling and listen offline. They often have a 30-day trail period for free.


Best reads set in Central America

I love reading, especially when I travel. Books written by local authors are usually my go-to choice. I have read almost all of Allende's books and love her style of writing. For more books sparking your wanderlust to Central America click here.

The basics

To make sure your electronics make it to your destination savely, bring them in your carry-on. Make sure to put pack your power bank in your carry-on, too as they are forbidden to check in. 

Insta 360 Go

Small and versatile

I love my Insta 360 Go because it is so tiny (smaller than my thumb) and super durable. It's water resistant and comes with very handy accessories which allow you to bring your Insta 360 Go wherever you go. I love attaching it to my shirt and walking around hands-free.

Portable Speakers

Great sound & super handy

I have been traveling with the JBL Clip for years now. The JBL Clip 4 is extremely durable, dust and waterproof. The sound is great for such as small speaker, and the battery lasts up to 10 hours. 


Refurbed Mac Book

Save emissions & spare your wallet

We may not settle the argument between Mac Book and Windows computers but I am sure we can agree on refurbed items. Besides sparing your budget, refurbished items are a great way to save resources and emissions. I bought my Mac Book from rebuy.

World Adapter

Still needed

Unfortunately, a world travel converter is still necessary to charge multiple devices. I like this one, because it is fairly stable and golds on well to even looser outlets. Plus, all devices can charge thanks to the converter.


Power Bank

As conscious as possible

Power banks are a lifesaver and super useful when on the road. However, power banks are never the most eco-friendly choice due to the resources used. Nimble tries to make its products as eco-friendly and socially conscious as possible. My favorite is the CHAMP Pro Portable Charger, as it also allows Laptop charging.


Tune out

Headphone with AUX

Bring your own headphones to avoid having to use the ones provided by the airlines. This way you'll save resources and have a better acoustic experience.

Wireless headphones

My personal favorite is Beat Fit True Wireless earbuds. They are super comfortable and the secure-fit wingtips keep them in place. I find it super handy to be able to switch between transparency and noise-canceling mode.

A little extra comfort

Don't forget about those two essentials


Lifestraw Go

The most essential travel gadget

Lifestraw Go is the best water purifier I have ever owned! Not only does it make tap water safe to drink, but it also keeps my drinks cool for 24 hours. This comes in so handy, especially when I'm traveling. For instance, after passing airport security and through a long flight, Lifestraw Go allows me to fill up a bottle of iced cold water - great for staying hydrated. Lifestraw Go is literally a lifesaver, and now I don't even have to consider buying single-use plastic bottled water again -that's one less thing for me to worry about when traveling!

Nasal Spray

No congestion during tak-off

Having congested years during take-off can be pretty painful. To help with that, I use a nasal spray 2 hours before take-off, right before taking off and before landing.

Fanny Bag

Have everything handy

I tend to be nervous at the airport and as a result, lose stuff easily. To keep all the important documents at hand I started traveling with a bright fanny bag. Dare to roam's bag are made of recycled material.

Foldable Food Container

Guiltless takeaway

Street food and takeaway still cause a tremendous amount of plastic pollution. I love those foldable food containers as they don't need much space and are so handy when on the go. For the flight, I usually pack some sandwiches and fresh fruit. Once I reach my destination, I bring one everywhere I go!

Clothing to pack for the Caribbean

Things to know when packing:

1. Shopping is not really exciting, especially when trying to be eco-conscious. 

2. Laundry facilities are not as frequent but you can get laundry done (at least handwash) at most places.

Recycled material


The best sneakers you'll ever wear

Tropic Feel sneakers are the only travel shoe you will ever need. They look super cool, are very comfortable, and have built from ultra-fast drying material. I wear them when hiking or walking through rivers one day. After drying them overnight, I'll wear them to the city the next day!

Fair production



Admittedly, they fulfill the german stereotype 100%, BUT: Birkenstocks are by far the most durable, versatile, and eco-friendly travel slippers out there. Period. Their thicker sole let me walk through smaller puddles and comfortably on uneven grounds.

Recycled materials


Recycled & Conscious

Deux Mains's sandals are simply stunning, not just in their look but also because of their ethical approach. They demonstrate an admirable commitment to local sources and traceability; almost all materials used in producing Deux Mains sandals are sourced locally in Haiti, even having shifted towards using tires that would otherwise be burned. To top this ethical approach off, they go a step further by manufacturing their sandals in a 100% solar-powered facility.

Recycled plastic


Earth friendly elegance

Third Oak offers eco-friendly flip flops with quality and simplicity, and a hint of elegance. Their FlipFlops feature various colors, from classic neutrals to metallics. They are made of 45% soy and 55% recycled blended plastic called Microplast. With these eco-friendly shoes, you can look stylish without compromising your eco-consciousness!

Beach ready

I am a sun lover and therefore often travel to destinations with a beach. Here are my favorite items to pack for some days by the water. I always bring at least two sets of swimwear to ensure I always have a dry one the next day.

- 2 sets of bikinis

- Cover-up

- Reef-save sunscreen

- Sunglasses

- Beach Bag

Recycled material

Beach Cover-up

Recycled material & minimal impact!

Londre is a pioneer in eco-friendly beachwear, committed to producing high-quality swimsuits with the lowest possible environmental impact. Its innovative use of recycled plastic water bottles for each swimsuit further cements its commitment to eco-consciousness and sustainability. They have cute Sarongs, too!

Fair production

Beach bag

Lightweight & handy

Notabag is the eco-friendly bag of choice, combining the convenience of a backpack and a regular bag. With one tug on its straps, you can turn it into an eco-friendly backpack and say goodbye to struggling with bags on your shoulder.

Recycled material

Beach Towel

100% ocean plastic

Dock & Bay's travel towels are not only made from 100% recycled plastic bottles but they are fast-drying towels. They are foldable and space-saving. Plus, each towel comes with its own pouch - just slide it in after use and be gone.

Recycled material


Stylish and eco-friendly

Eco-friendly and stylish at the same time, Proof's eco-conscious designs demonstrate that you don't have to compromise fashion for planet-saving measures. Starting with wooden frames, they have expanded their designs to include recycled aluminum and acetate made from cotton.

My favorite conscious swimwear brands

Stylish & earth-friendly

Over the last couple of years, many stylish and conscious swimwear brands have sprung up. Some of my forever favorite brands:

Ethical production

Sommer Swim

Ethical Porduction

Sommer Swim is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that I love! They produce stylish, high-quality swimwear at a family owned and operated factory exclusively in Bali, Indonesia. To ensure ethical practices and sustainable production processes, Sommer Swim sources its fabrics from a Green Company known for utilising cutting-edge technologies to monitor waste and reduce polluting residues.

Recycled material


Recycled material & minimal impact!

Summersalt is changing the ethical swimwear game with its cute styles and luxurious, high-quality fabric. Crafted from 78% Recycled Polyamide, their fabric is created from recycled plastics and post-consumer materials and even skirts old fishing nets pulled directly from the oceans.

Recycled material

Made Trade

Eco-friendly market place

Made Trade is the go-to destination for ethical swimwear. Home to several brands that create sustainable swimsuits for every body type, their offerings are impressive. Not only are many of them woman-owned, but there is also a great range of fabrics to choose from!

Fair production

Janethee Berlin

Ethical production made in Europe

JANTHEE is changing the game when it comes to ethical swimwear. This brand places a strong emphasis on quality and fairness. JANTHEE pieces are carefully assembled in Portugal with ethical Italian fabrics, ensuring ethical working conditions and beautiful, durable clothing.

Here are some of my favorite sustainable fashion brands

Recycled material

Armed Angels

Pioneer in ethical production

Armed Angels was one of the pioneers in sustainability when it started 15 years ago, advocating for responsible production practices and fair fashion. Armed Angels creates products with a conscience, from ethical sourcing to humane working conditions and thoughtfully crafted garments. It's no wonder why this beloved brand has become my go-to store for sustainable clothing. Armed Angels offers not only eco-friendly styles but cool aesthetics too!

Fair production


Conscious & cool

Kotn is a fantastic fashion brand that believes in providing fair fashion to its customers. From t-shirts to dresses and tops, Kotn's design is always very cool and up-to-date. Kotn is also a certified B Corporation voted Best for the World™, with North America's fourth-highest B Impact Score of apparel brands. Every Kotn order helps to invest in creating jobs, infrastructure, systems, and education that directly benefits those who live in poverty.

Zero waste


Stunning design & earth friendly

Founded in Paris in 2013, Sézane creates stylish, quality pieces to provide fair fashion without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics. Sézane’s designs are timeless and minimal, allowing for pieces to be worn season after season. Sézane stands out for using zero-waste production methods and dedicating a philanthropic initiative - DEMAIN - which focuses on helping children access education and equal opportunities.

Recycled material


Conscious shopping made easy

Quince makes it easier than ever before to shop conscious, taking the guesswork out of finding stylish pieces that are ethically produced. From Mulberry silk tops, cashmere cardigans, and sustainably sourced leather bags, Quince's offerings are not only stylish and fashion-forward but also accessible - what a great way to make sustainable fashion available to everyone.

Ethical production

Whimsy + Row's

Fashion from deadstock fabrics

Whether you're looking for flirty dresses or eco-friendly staples like cropped wide-leg pants, Whimsy + Row's pieces will make a statement in your wardrobe while proving to be reliable wardrobe essentials for years to come. Additionally, Whimsy + Row exclusively uses waste material such as deadstock fabrics to craft each item - making the most out of would-be materials and furthering their commitment to fair and sustainable fashion.

Recycled material


Recycled material & minimal impact!

Summersalt is revolutionizing fair fashion with its sustainable line of swimwear, athleisure, and loungewear. To create the perfect fit, Summersalt consulted 10,000 women to ensure their garments were comfortable. Summersalt garments are unique and beautiful—spanning a range from color-blocking one-pieces to light and breezy sweaters—and are also produced responsibly using materials like recycled polyamide, regenerative cupro, and cruelty-free wool made in WRAP- and sustainably certified factories. Summersalt is a revolutionary brand for stylish comfort that's also mindful of its environmental impact.

Fair production


Super soft and super conscious

PACT is leading the way in fair and sustainable fashion. They source their organic, non-GMO cotton from farmers with the utmost respect to create incredibly soft clothing that makes the world a better place. PACT goes to great lengths to ensure their entire supply chain is responsible and clean, including offering carbon-offset shipping as part of a more sustainable purchase. PACT  quickly became my go-to brand for basics and underwear, emphasizing comfort, quality, and sustainability.

Here are some of my favorite sustainable activewear brands

Fair production


Stylish & versatile

I LOVE Summersalt's design and it's almost my first go-to shop. Despite their stunning eco-conscious swimwear and cover-ups, you'll also find very cool active wear for your adventures in Central America.


Mate the Label

Conscious & cool

The eco-friendly sleepwear brand Mate offers a wide variety of colors that I simply adore. Along with the colorful designs, I'm impressed by how Mate compares their materials to conventional materials with each product - great for people like me who care about eco-friendly and sustainable purchases.



Colorful & reversible

Introducing eco-friendly activewear - Wolven brings fashion-forward pieces made from post-consumer recycled plastic material ethically produced in LA or China. From the hottest biker shorts and tops with a reversible feature to their festive color options, Wolven’s eco-friendly and fashionable athleisure has something for everyone! Additionally, with every purchase you make, Wolven will remove a pound of plastic waste from the ocean.

Wholesome sustainability


The pioneer of sustainability

Patagonia stands out among eco-friendly active wear brands for their commitment to the triple bottom line of profit, people, and planet. Not only do they strive to provide eco-conscious apparel to those who love the outdoors, Patagonia also takes care of the environment with generous warranties and repair services.

Waste reduction


On demand fashion

Alohas is a Spanish label that has quickly gained recognition for its eco-friendly on-demand shoes and now offers activewear, too. Rather than producing excess physical stock, Alohas follows a sustainable model, building items from pre-orders only to ensure complete customer satisfaction, not just filling up landfill spaces. To maintain ethical working conditions and fair labor practices, all their factories are externally audited.

Eco-friendly or recycled

Girlfriend collective

Super fashionable & conscious

At Girlfriend Collective, eco-friendly activewear is top of the list! As well as being environmentally conscious, the thoughtful brand provides sizes XXS to 6XL so everyone can get involved. Their bestselling Compressive Leggings are made with 25 recycled water bottles plus other sustainable and recycled materials.


I usually bring long, very lightweight PJs whenever I travel to avoid mosquito bites. My sleep essentials consist of the following:

- 2 long PJ pants

- 4 Tops



Here are some of my favorite sustainable fashion brands


Print Fresh

Beautiful prints 100% organic

I can't get enough of Printfresh's eco-friendly sleepwear! This woman-owned luxury brand will turn heads with its captivating prints and designs. They are also designed with inclusivity – ranging from petite XS to 6X and offering women's, men's, and all-gender silhouettes. Plus, these whimsical prints on 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton are screen printed by hand by their ethical partners in Jaipur, India.


Mate the Label

Conscious & cool

The eco-friendly sleepwear brand Mate offers a wide variety of colors that I simply adore. Along with the colorful designs, I'm impressed by how Mate compares their materials to conventional materials with each product - great for people like me who care about eco-friendly and sustainable purchases.



The sustainable marketplace

This amazing online marketplace offers eco-friendly and sustainable products from hundreds of brands including a great selection for sleepwear and loungewear.


I usually bring underwear for about 7 days with me. I typically go for basic tan colors to ensure I can wear them under anything. Make sure to get a nipple-covering bra, too!

- 2 Bras

- 10 Bottoms

- 2 pairs of socks


Here are some of my favorite sustainable underwear brands

Fair production


Eco-friendly luxury

Cosabella has been revolutionizing eco-friendly underwear since 1983. From the Mediterranean to your drawer, all of Cosabella's luxurious lingerie is handmade in family-run workshops by local artisans using Renaissance-era techniques. All items, from bralettes to babydolls, are made from eco-friendly lace, mesh, and satin-like fabrics with a main color lab located in Camo, Italy. Not only are they able to produce nearly 2,000 styles in over 100 colors using natural dyes, but each piece is expertly crafted with love and care.


Mate the Label

Conscious & cool

The eco-friendly sleepwear brand Mate offers a wide variety of colors that I simply adore. Along with the colorful designs, I'm impressed by how Mate compares their materials to conventional materials with each product - great for people like me who care about eco-friendly and sustainable purchases.



Conscious & organic

Knickey offers a range of organic cotton intimates that redefines comfort and eco-friendly consciousness. Unlike the fast-paced fashion market, the goal of Knickey is to create consciously with sustainable materials. Their certified organic cotton provides a luxurious feel free from synthetic fibers and harmful chemicals. Even their shipping process is eco-friendly, using plastic-free packaging and carbon-neutral certification to guarantee their low environmental impact.

Fair production


Eco-friendly & stylish

Araks is eco-friendly underwear that is crafted consciously for the community and planet. With their refined designs, luxurious fabrics and thoughtful production process, Araks makes sure to keep us comfortable in what we are wearing, while being eco-friendly too. Their lingerie and swimwear draw inspiration from sustainable practices and creative cultural references, making it an ideal eco-conscious solution for those looking to stay stylish while also doing good for our planet.



Conscious & cool

The eco-friendly sleepwear brand Mate offers a wide variety of colors that I simply adore. Along with the colorful designs, I'm impressed by how Mate compares their materials to conventional materials with each product - great for people like me who care about eco-friendly and sustainable purchases.

A little extra comfort

Don't forget about those two essentials


Travel Towel

Recycled and super soft
Dock & Bay's travel towels are not only made from 100% recycled plastic bottles but they are fast-drying towels. They are foldable and space-saving. Plus, each towel comes with its own pouch - just slide it in after use and be gone. I usually bring one large and one medium-sized one for showering.

Reusable cutlery

An absolute must

All the plastic one-time usage cutlery causes mountains of plastic pollution. On top of that, it makes eating harder. Bring your own reusable cutlery instead! I love this set of travel silverware because it actually allows you to easily cut your meals. Make sure to put it in your checked luggage to avoid having it taken away at security.

Toiletries and travel pharmacy

When backpacking the Caribbean you will most likely find great locally-produced self-care products such as shampoos, lotions, and of course coconut oil. I love bringing them back home as souvenirs but always start my trip out fully prepared for the first days to be comfortable. 

Keep your face clean

My skin is generally sensitive, and I have a tendency for breakouts. Traveling often worsens my skin, so I try to keep up with my daily routine even when on the road. 

Personal favorite

Face Cleanse

Natural & effective

My eco-friendly face care routine has been a life changer! I loved my travel skincare so much that I also need to use Etique's products at home. The entire product range is vegan, organic and super consiuous about packing!


Face moisturizer

Incredible smell & clear skin

I am in love with the subtle natural smell! The oil has the perfect consistency for my mixed skin and makes it stay moisturized while reducing breakouts. Certified Nontoxic (MADE SAFE), Paraben-Free, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Sustainably Made


Sun screen

Reef-safe & eco-conscious

 All-natural daily face lotion with SPF 30 hydrates, nourishes, and revitalizes skin while providing broad-spectrum protection against UVA/UVB rays. The sunscreen is completely reef-safe and does leave almost no white cast. I love that even when sweating, the lotion stays put and does not make my eyes water. 

My favorite eco-friendly body care

It took me some years to figure it out, but there you go the best eco-friendly body and hair care products. Of course, the products are made for traveling: light-weight and with minimal packaging!



Ocean friendly & amazing smell

This reef-friendly mineral sunscreen 23.5% Zinc Oxide is truly State of the art! The non-nano zinc oxide sunscreen creates a physical barrier to the sun with water-resistant skin protection for up to 80 minutes. What I love about it: it is very easy to rub in and barely leaves and white film.



Zero trash & zero baking soda

Women-owned, eco-friendly, and family made: MAGSOL deodorant has it all! This award-winning deodorant is created with only four natural ingredients - sweet almond oil, beeswax, magnesium oxide, and natural oils. All of these plant-derived elements have qualities that nourish your skin while locking in hydration for long-lasting freshness.


Mosquito Repellent

Eco-friendly & well smelling

I am not a big fan of DEET heavy mosquito repellents as I have sensitive skin and hate the smell. I have been using Sally Ander's no Bite Me! for years and can only recommend it. The fact that it is a bar of soap is super lovely as I hate spraying stinky mosquito repellent on clean skin.  and the cream is the perfect remedy for on-the-go!

Zero Waste


Eco-friendly & Zero Waste

With over two billion single-use plastic razors being thrown away yearly, eco-friendly alternatives are becoming increasingly necessary! EcoRoots Zero Waste Shaving Kit, with its beautiful safety razor and carefully curated choice of organic shaving soap, is the perfect eco-friendly solution. While it's safe for your skin and the environment, it looks gorgeous too!


Body Soap

Organic Ingredients & Essential Oils

I simply love this gift set and I always keep one at home! When it's time to travel I often opt for the moisturizing option. O'Natrurals soap bars are all organic, smell very fresh and loath nicely.

Regenerative farming

Body Oil


Pure Radiance Body Oil is certainly a luxurious treat for the skin! Not only does it smell divine, with its main notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, and orange. The oil deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin's surface while feeling smooth and supple. The stylish pump container ensures easy application - for a spa-like experience while traveling!


Don't forget the basics!

Don't forget to pack clippers!

Nail file

Eco-friendly & recyclable

Eco-friendly 100% recyclable nail file. Dual-sided without a plastic core.


Nail Polish

Vegan & clean

Eco-friendly beauty comes first with ella+mila! The brand is dedicated to helping you get the most out of color without sacrificing health and safety. Their fashion-forward polishes are 17-Free, meaning they don’t contain a long list of harsh chemicals – a bonus for us and the environment!


Shampoo Bar & Conditioner

Organic & fair trade

This shampoo bar contains a variety of honey, lemon, frankincense, and other care essence, moistens and cares for hair, improves dry hair, maintains hair moisture, long-term use makes hair softer and brighter, suitable for neutral dry hair! BAMBOEARTH shampoo bars are the perfect solution to liquid shampoo! They are 100% plastic free, eco-friendly, cruelty-free and vegan. One bar equals about two regular-sized bottles of shampoo!


Hair Bands

Organic & plastic free

Terra Ties is revolutionizing the eco-friendly hair ties market. Their products are made from organic cotton and natural rubber dyed with natural dyes. Not only that but their packaging is also made from recycled materials, meaning their whole product line is eco-friendly and plastic-free

Hair Brush

Tangle Teezer

Admittedly, the tangle Teezer per se is not the most sustainable product as it is made of plastic. However, the company has gone to great lengths to reduce emissions, waste, and packaging to become more eco-friendly.



Organic & convenient

Natracare provides us with tampons that are not organic and ethically produced but also aim to reduce plastic pollution. The entire box of tampons is packed without plastic! Love it!



Vegan & Safe

Glyde Health is leading the charge of vegan-friendly condoms, offering a range of ultrathin premium vegan-certified condoms that consist of natural, non-toxic ingredients. With FDA and CE approval behind them, you can be sure these vegan condoms are safe and effective.


Period Cup

An alternative to tampons

Menstrual cups are a great alternative to disposable menstrual hygiene products. Saalt is a B Corp. That means from every purchase, Saalt gives 2% to donate period care to areas with the most need and funds initiatives in menstrual health, girls' education, and sustainability. I LOVE their discs, too! If you travel a lot, you should definitely consider trying a disc! It has been a gamechanger for me!  Vegan & cruelty-free.

Basic travel pharmacy 

Knock on wood; I have never been seriously sick while traveling. I, therefore, keep my travel pharmacy very basic. Most remedies, such as parasites are best treated with local remedies anyhow. 



Stop diarrhea

When worst comes to worst and your stomach is super upset with you: Imodium! While it won't treat the cause of your diarrhea, it most certainly will stop it for some hours. Super useful if you have to catch a long bus or boat.


Non drowsy motion sickness help

Even after countless hours on the roads, my stomach still feels uncomfortable with my adventures. I, therefore, make sure to bring some Dramamine with me, so I can take them when my tummy gets too upset.


For headaches and flying

No words need: for anyone who has a headache every now and then. Don't forget your aspirin. I usually take one right before flying, too to make my blood a bit thinner and help avoid blood clots.


Natural patches made from bamboo

PATCH Strips are the perfect eco-friendly solution for patching up minor wounds. Comprised entirely of natural bamboo fiber and mineral-based pressure-sensitive adhesive, PATCH Strips gently adhere to the skin while protecting it from irritation. Free from known irritants, toxins, and plastic;


Cotton Swaps


EcoFox has created an eco-friendly, sustainable solution to your everyday needs with their Bamboo Cotton Swabs! A uniquely fast-growing type of plant, bamboo is an excellent alternative to wood and paper due to the rate at which it can be farmed. Crafted from 100% bamboo and organic cotton



Non toxic mascara

If you’re looking for eco-friendly mascara that delivers perfect results, then ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara is the one for you! This formulation contains coffee and herbal extracts made from 100% vegan and animal-free ingredients. It doesn't clump, stays on very well and never makes my sensitive eyes water.


Blush and Lip Color

Two in one

If you can't tell already: I love ILIA! This two in one is especially handy for traveling. It can be applied to lips and cheeks! The texture feels super soft, even on the lips!


Don't forget the essentials

No words needed!

Travel gadgets that make a difference

From Africa to South America, from dorms to hotel rooms: those are my favorite travel gadgets to bring along. They bring me so much comfort that I bring them on any trip lasting more than a week!

Personal favorite

Reading light

A game-changer

Travel reading light – what a game-changer! As I love reading and many places lack comfortable reading light, it’s fantastic. I also use it as a flashlight or low light. The battery life is fantastic!


Allow your cloths to dry

No matter how expensive or rustic the place is, drying space is often limited! Bring my own clothesline as saved my clothes from staying wet and becoming smelly countless times


Make every place feel like home

Your hammock is worth bringing if you stay in places for a while. Relaxing in it brings me the ultimate vacation feeling! NatureFun’s hammock weighs just over two pounds and packs up small enough to fit comfortably into my bag. It’s also easy to install, so I can have it set up almost anywhere in minutes. I especially enjoy that the hammock comes with mosquito netting around the border. 

Extendable Laptop monitor

Work faster, play more!

Unfortunately, there is no sustainable option up to date. I love bringing a portable laptop monitor simply because it allows me to work a lot faster and spend more time experiencing a country.

us in El Cuco, El Salvador

Packing tips from the Pros

After traveling 40+ destinations around the world: I have gathered some experiences in packing.