Marrakesh Skyline


a feeling of 1001 nights

An insider’s guide to Marrakesh’s pink medina

A couple of years before we started our blog, I went to visit Marrakesh with a friend of ours. Tiered of fog, rain, and the cold we were seeking warmer climes. None of us has ever been to Morocco before. I’ve heard about mixed experiences in Marrakesh, and I was very eager to find out for myself. Secretly, I was hoping for a feeling of 1001 nights.

Marrakesh is pure magic

Marrakesh mesmerized me from the second, we entered the medina. Immediately we were surrounded by “guides” eager to lead us to our Riad. We would have never found our Riad ourselves, even though the taxi left us only about 300 m from the entrance. The unimposing door was hiding a beautifully decorated and colorful Riad. We were confronted with the incredible detail of Moroccan style. We stood there with our mouths open: Deeply impressed and taken aback by so many impressions and so much beauty.

A soft introduction to Morocco

Marrakesh is often the first stop for visitors coming to Morocco. The colorful and lively medina attracts people from around the world. Moroccans are not only very talented artisans, but they are genuinely talented about languages. In Marrakesh, you are sure to find people to help you out, no matter which language you speak. Marrakesh offers so many things to do and experiences guaranteed to keep you entertained for a while. However, if you ever feel like the medina swallowed you up, Essouria with it’s laid back vibe is only a 3,5 hours bus ride away.