dancehall vibes, mountain views and so much more

A backpacking guide to Kingston

When I told people I was headed to Kingston, the reactions were very mixed. While some proclaimed it’d love it, the majority told me it’s too dangerous and ugly anyway. However, after some calm beach days on the West coast, I was ready for some action anyhow and couldn’t wait to head to Kingston. The location of Jamaica’s capital is picturesque, nestled between the blue mountains and the Caribbean sea. While the city itself wouldn’t be considered a beauty by its looks, it is full of vibes, culture, and amazing people. While most travel guides don’t make Kingston sound like the most attractive destination, it will reward those who look and feel behind the obvious and are willing to give it some time. Whenever the city gets too much, the Blue Mountains, Bull Bay, or one of the many chill river spots over the perfect getaway for a day. 

Kingston – Leave room for magic

The The city of Kingston isn’t known for its architectural beauty, famous landmarks, or beautiful parks, but rather for the vibes, parties, and cultural events. Kingston never sleeps (not even during covid curfew), and there is always something to do or discover. As Kingston’s cool spots are not so obvious and, therefore, best discovered with local friends. Belleh23, a world-famous dancehall heaven, is the place to place yourself to find an inspiring crowd to find the best parties and tastiest restaurants.