Food culture

Food culture

  a deeper way of getting to know a country

We admit it: we love food! Even more so when we travel. Our stomachs and hearts beat for street food, so you’ll often catch us sampling or even feasting typical food. And because nothing feeds wanderlust and nostalgia better, we brought some local recipes back with us!



Ripe Ackee
Breadfruit curry
Tigrillo in Canoa, Ecuador, a foodie haven
Taginerecipe Morocconationaldish

Tagine - a one pot dish rich in flavors

Traditionally a tagine is prepared in a clay or ceramic pot which is closed with a cone-shaped cover. We have seen Moroccans use this pot for everything, even fried egg. If you don't have a tagine pot on hand, don't worry!
Preserved lemons recipe

Preserved lemons - the super flavor of Moroccan cuisine

We have to admit: we were a little surprised to find a slice of what seemed like "cooked lemon" admits our tagine. A little skeptical, we tried it and were surprised by the texture and gentle, yet refreshing taste. Preserved lemons are super easy to prepare, but we promise you they will make any good Moroccan dish an extraordinary one!
Coconut Rice recipe

Coconut rice recipe -a Caribbean basic

Nothing tastes more like the Caribbean than coconut rice and fresh fish. When we visited Belize coconut rice and beans were our constant companions. If you feel like bringing some exotic flavors to your rice dish, this recipe is for you! It's super easy to prepare and will add a mild coconut flavor!
Belizian stewed beans

Stewed beans recipe - Belizean-style

Beans are a typical side dish all over Central and South America. A side of beans accompanies almost any meal from breakfast to dinner. As you traveled across the countries, you might have noticed that the preparation is specific to the countries.
Empanada recipe

Empanadas - a recipe to feed your nostalgia

When you travel through Central and South America, there is no way around them: Empanadas! Whenever we feel nostalgic, we take out this recipe and reminisce about our time traveling. Sold in buses and on the streets this typical "fast food" is not just cheap and easy to eat to the go but comes literally millions of variations. They can be filled with all kinds of meat, seafood or with vegetables.
Pupusas Recipe

Pupusas recipe - El Salvador's national dish

Pupusas - without a doubt our most frequently eaten dish in El Salvador! Pupusas are not only the cheapest, easiest and most commonly found dish in El Salvador, but they also come with various fillings. Accompanied with a spicey cabbage-carrot salad, Pupusas can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.