Nicaraguan Recipes

Nicaraguan food

Nicaragua may be a small country, but its culinary offerings are as big and bold as the locals’ personalities. Depending on which region you visit, there are different takes on the cuisine to discover. The indigenous, Creole and Spanish influences meld together to create an experience for every appetite across Nicaragua, though it may be a little harder for vegetarians.

he Pacific coast offers street foods, such as bean-filled tacos with all the trimmings, or savory, slow-cooked stews like Gallo Pinto. Comfort foods, like Indio Viejo or Carne Asada – grilled meat over a bed of potatoes, tomatoes and onions – bring it all together from the southeastern region. Meanwhile on the Caribbean coast there is an abundance of fresh fish recipes to tantalize your tastebuds such as fried conch served with chilli sauce.

Staple Ingredients


Beans are a dietary staple in all of Central America, and are used in a variety of dishes. The countries staple food Gallo Pinto is not only served with almost any meal but consists of rice and beans. 


For centuries, corn has been the basis of Nicaraguan cooking – fundamental for creating typical dishes as varied as Pinol, a sort of chocolate-tamarind-corn drink; Nacatamal, tamale-style wrapped chicken and vegetables; Indio Viejo, thick stew with yucca, casava root and grilled beef or chicken; and Chancacas, bread dough fritters topped with honey syrup. These popular foods have understandably solidified a bond with other Central American countries where similar corn products are appreciated such as Atole in Guatemala or Elote in Mexico.


Plantains are a delicious, versatile fruit found abundantly in Nicaragua. Luckily, Plantains are one of my favorite foods to eat in Nicaragua. They come in all shapes and sizes, from Tajadas, a savory snack that’s like potato chips made from plantains, to Madurors, a sweet dish of sautéed and caramelized yellow plantains. For a savory plantain snacking experience though, try Tostones! These green plantains are cut thickly and fried until golden brown – they’re a must-try if you’re exploring Central Ameica. I could seriously eat them every day. 

Nicaraguan recipes

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