Why we love to talk about social businesses

While we travel, we often observe people overcoming challenges and barriers which weren’t even on our minds. Both of us have been raised in Germany. And let’s just put it simply: a lot of things are plentiful.

In countries where this is not the case, and challenges seemed to be sky -high,  we stumbled upon creative minds set on a mission. They wanted to create a better future, but not just for themselves.

The story behind a social business is often a personal one. We found it inspiring to witness intrinsic motivation, dedication, and compassion. Especially so, when need and personal challenges would give an “easy excuse” to look out for only oneself.

Because they believe that good things deserve to be shared social entrepreneurs pass on their knowledge to the world.

By interviewing social businesses, we give them in the spotlight and hope to inspire others for their future ventures.

At the same time, we would like to show solutions that serve not only capitalism but also humanity.

We believe that everyone should have access to drinking water, electricity, education and medical care. Often small ideas make the life of a whole community so much better.

At the end of the day, social businesses offer more than an income – they provide prospects for the future. And we’d love to share that with you!

However, contrary to an NGO, social businesses are financially sustainable.
Noble Price winner Muhammad Yunus was the first one to actually define and establish a social business. He observed social injustice and wanted to

Social Businesses around the world…

In Tanzania, we met Asya from Zanrec and Hans Robert, founder of Better Nations.

Zanrec is Zanzibar’s only waste management company. But they are not just providing a solution to the island’s waste issue. In cooperations with hotels and local communities Zanrec battles mountains of trash. But they also address health issues through educational work and clean-up activities.

Better Nations allows tourists to travel with a positive impact. Together with his guests, Hans Robert builts “chicken houses” for widows, single mothers, and HIV patients. Through income from tourism, Better Nations provides the means to create a sustainable future.

In Nicaragua, we met Solubrite, an innovative tech company, which is literally shedding light and REMO who empowers women. Both companies enable a certain degree of independence and support for members of society who otherwise scarcely participate in economic life.

Social Business Nucaragua

Solubrite - how the sun changes lifes

Imagine a life without electricity. Really think it through for one minute... Imagine, if you couldn't quickly switch on the lights, refrigerate your food, turn on the stove, enjoy a hot shower in the morning, charge your phone nor enjoy any electronic entertainment devices.
Social Business Nicaragua

REMO - a small organization is tackling the big problems

REMO stand for “Red de Mujeres de Ometepe“ which translates into “Women’s network Ometepe.” Founded by the island women, the organization focuses on supporting women who suffer from domestic or sexual abuse.
Impact Travel Tanzania

Micro entrepreneurship - Hatching a better future

We have often left places with a desire to give back or support the local economy in a sustainable manner. Naturally, we were thrilled when we met Hans-Robert. Inspired by his own personal fate, the Foundation helps women through tourism to establish a self-sustaining economic basis.
Social Business tanzania: Zanrec