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Central America is a diverse travel region and perfect for any independant traveler seeking to getaway. We want to inspire you along your journey, with unique tips and hints of favored destinations large and small. Central America has it all: tranquil beaches, vibrant culture and picturesque views to leave you breathless.

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From Mexico to Panama, there are lots of unique beaches if you are looking for a place to relax, unwind and get back in touch with nature. Whether you’re yearning for a secluded paradise or an energizing party spot, you’ll find it among the picturesque coastlines and tranquil turquoise seawater. On some beaches, you can go snorkeling in crystal clear waters and observe fascinating coral reefs teeming with marine life; others have sublime white sand perfect for early morning yoga meditation or sunset strolls along the shore.



Beach in Potosi, Nicaragua
Isla Ometepe sunset from Zopilote


Exploring Central America and its majestic volcanos has been one of the most exciting adventures I have ever embarked on. From the out-of-this-world sunrise views at Acatenango in Guatemala to the glimmering lava o  Nicaragua’s Masaya volcano, being up close to nature, there is one of a kind. Seeing these beautiful Volcanos with my own eyes has made me appreciate the world around us even more.


I’ve had the incredible honor of exploring Central America multiple times – each occasion has left me even more enthralled with its vibrant culture. From the cobblestone streets of Granada, Nicaragua, to the lush rainforests of Costa Rica, or even the breathtaking beaches of Panama, you find an indescribable sense of contentment while immersing yourself in Central American customs and traditions. Every destination I explore seems like a pearl in a mosaic – unique and full of life! Whether it be experiencing ancient Mayan ruins or floating between trendy beach bars for sunset cocktails – there’s always something captivating for you to enjoy.

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Arusha | City life & safari adventures

Arusha | City life & safari adventures

Arusha, Tanzania, is a city in the middle of two worlds. This creates an exciting mix of people and cultures that make Arusha is unique. Arusha itself is a dusty, charming mid-sized African city.

Dar es Salaam | Karibu to a vibrant Tanzanian city

Dar es Salaam | Karibu to a vibrant Tanzanian city

Tanzania’s former capital, often referred to as “Dar,” is not only Tanzania’s second largest city but one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Located along the coast of the Indian Ocean, Dar es Salaam is brimming with activities for anyone.

Marrakesh – the dream of 1001 nights

Marrakesh – the dream of 1001 nights

Marrakesh mesmerized me from the second we left the cab. Surrounded by “guides” eager to lead us to our Riad. Never would we have found our Riad ourselves, even though the taxi left us only about 300 m from the entrance. The unimposing door was hiding the beautifully decorated and colorful Riad. We were confronted with the incredible detail of Moroccan style. We stood there with our mouths open. Deeply impressed and taken aback by so many impressions, so much beauty.

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