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A travel guide to an unbelizable Caye

Once you stet foot on the island, it feels like you entered a slightly cheesy Caribbean movie. The vibe is dominated by a mix of friendly, carefree Creole and Rastafarian culture.

Caye Caulker is an excellent place to start your trip to Belize, especially when coming from Mexico. The island seems to combine all ingredients for a fantastic time: Friendly locals, delicious seafood, water fun and nightlife (which is really hard to find elsewhere in Belize)

Belize’s backpacking hub

Even though it must be one of the most visited islands in the country, Caye Caulker manages to maintain an authentic vibe. While it is far from representative, it shows you the fun, carefree side of life. Creole, Rastafarians, and travelers perfectly blend (for now). There are no cars and certainly no hassle. On top of that, Belize’s barrier reef and the incredible blue hole offer unlimited diving and snorkeling.

Since tourism is booming exponentially, Caye Caulker faces the evolving challenge of over-tourism. So, it’s even more important to travel sustainably. Check out our guide for some pointers!

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