Ngorongoro safari: rhino incrater


Backpacking Tanzania


Backpacking Tanzania was our first trip to East Africa. The diversity of the country, its people, wildlife, and landscapes is sheer incredible. We love to travel responsibly and independently, and backpacking Tanzania was the perfect introduction to Africa. Check out our itinerary and follow our journey.  Dar es Salaam, the vibrating African megacity, was our first stop on our trip before we set off to a safari in Tarangire National Park, a visit to mysterious Lake Natron and Zanzibar’s best beaches.


Safari in Tanzania, two lions
Arusha, Tanzania
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's vibrating city
Zanzibar's beaches: Nungwi beach

Zanzibar's beaches - pearl of the Indian ocean

We loved mainland Tanzania, and the experiences made surpassed our imagination. We could not have been more happy about our time spent there. It wasn’t after rushing to get our connecting flight from Dar to Zanzibar that we set on the airplane and realized how exhausted we were. While in final descent we were surprised by the size of Zanzibar. It seemed huge! So naturally, Zanzibar offers plenty of things to do. We did not have an itinerary planned (as always: no plan is the best plan) and ended up visiting:
Stone Town, Zanzibar narrow alleys
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Stone Town - Wander the alleys to past times

We quickly lost ourselves wandering the narrow streets of Zanzibar’s cultural heart: Stone Town. It almost feels like a journey in time as we pass decayed buildings. Stone Town is sheer incredible, and we promise you, that you'll be mesmerized at every corner!
Lake Natron is home to millions of flamingos

Lake Natron - Masailand and breathtaking landscapes

We had heard of Lake Natron before our arrival to Tanzania and of course the pictures of the bright red lake we stumbled upon during our online research sparked our interest. But, we thought to visit Lake Natron was off limits due to our time and budget restrictions. Quite unexpectedly we found ourselves on one of the most mesmerizing journeys through Masailand!