Responsible TZravel protects sea stars

Contrary to many other trends, tourism has not only the power to foster economic development, but it has the most influential force of all: “true” traveling connects people.

We think that most of you, regular backpackers, have made countless experiences which broadened your horizon, grew empathy and understanding. All qualities which are much needed in today’s world.

However, undoubtedly, you have also stumbled the adverse side effects of tourism on your journey. Piles of trash destroyed coral, reefs, cities congested by visitors, aggravated locals who are often left with little profit are only some side effects.

What is responsible tourism?

Undoubtedly, we all are excited about the wonders of our world. It’s only understandable that we can’t get enough of it.

However, as with so many consumption patterns, we need to become more aware of our impact. Responsible and sustainable travel is not a question of budget! It’s about careful planning, foresight, and awareness.

To us, responsible tourism is way more than choosing eco-friendly accommodations. Responsible or ethical travel means to make sure that your tourist dollars stay in the country. It’s about treating each other with respect and encountering locals with openness and curiosity.  But it also about making smart consumption choices. Eco-friendly body care products and coral friendly sun protection are not mattered of budget but of will.

Reef friendly sun screens
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Zero Waste travel

Zero waste traveling - The pack list for sustainable traveling

We firmly believe in the positive power of traveling and therefore encourage everyone to make ethical and sustainable decisions while on the road. To make it easier for future trips, we have assembled a list of our most loved eco-friendly travel products.
Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel - the art of being a guest

Being a responsible traveler doesn't necessarily mean you have to give up in comfort. It's about cultural, social and environmental awareness. Responsible travel is understanding the effect on the places you travel to, may it be in the environment or its people.