Food culture

Food culture

  a deeper way of getting to know a country

We admit it: we love food! Even more so when we travel. Our stomachs and hearts beat for street food, so you’ll often catch us sampling or even feasting typical food. And because nothing feeds wanderlust and nostalgia better, we brought some local recipes back with us!



Gallo Pinto recipe

Gallo Pinto Recipe - THE Nicaraguan dish

When you travel to Nicaragua, there is no way around Gallo Pinto. It's basically the Nicaraguan national dish. The Nicas have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Gallo pinto accompanies almost any dish. Don't let the name mislead you the "spotted rooster" is a 100% vegetarian dish.
Pilau Recipe
Ugali, Tanzania recipe

Ugali Recipe - the Tanzanian side dish

The polenta-like side dish is popular across Sub-Saharan Africa. What's known as ugali in Tanzania and Kenia is called nsima or nshima in Zambia and Malawi or just pap in South Africa. Whenever we feel nostalgic, we turn to this exotic recipe. Learn how to cook a typical Tanzanian side dish! It's super easy!
Chipsimayei, Tanzania staple food

Chipsimayei - french fries omlette

Chipsimayei was one of the first dishes we ate in Tanzania. As you travel through Tanzania, you are guaranteed to find the dish on every corner. It’s basically an omelet with french fries.