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Kingston’s best beaches

Duration: at least one week Budget: $ 75 per day Stay:  Belleh23 or RaggamuffinBefore coming to Kingston, I didn't expect any great beaches. During my first visit, I didn't even attempt to hang out by the beaches as the city offered way too many things to do, and I...

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Treasure Beach Jamaica

Duration: at least one week Budget: $ 75 per day Stay:  Belleh23 or RaggamuffinTreasure Beach, a mid-sized community consisting of locals and ex-pats, features several beautiful beaches with distinct vibes. I loved that I could choose between famous beaches with...

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Belmont, Jamaica

Duration: at least one week Budget: $ 75 per day Stay:  Belleh23 or RaggamuffinI left Negril seeking a more peaceful and authentic experience further South. Belmont seemed like the perfect option! About midway to Treasure Beach, Belmont comes alive on the weekends...

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Backpacking Montego Bay

Duration: at least 5 days Budget: $ 75 per day Stay:  Belleh23 or RaggamuffinI was a little weary of Montego as it seems such a popular all-inclusive spot. However, the city quickly grew on me, and I was happy to return before my flight back to Germany. The airport...

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San Ignacio Belize 3

San Ignacio, Belize – Wild rivers, Maya ruins &latino vibes

San Ignacio and its twin town Santa Elena form the heart of the "Cayo" district. While there is a comfortable touristic infrastructure, San Ignacio manages to maintain an authentic and vibrating charm. Contrary to the coastal part of Belize, Spanish is most widely spoken. San Ignacio is surrounded by lush vegetation, fast flowing rivers, Maya ruins, and caves. There are lots to do in this lively little town!

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San Jose 16

San José – Costa Rica’s less charming capital

Many people who visit Costa Rica skip San José and head straight to places like La Fortuna,
Monteverde, and other natural wonders. Those places are marvelous to see, and we highly
recommend them. However, if you have a few more days to spend in Costa Rica, we suggest
stopping in San José. This authentic city has numerous cultural sights, a robust food scene, and
plenty to do.

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Serekunda market

Serrekunda – Gambia’s secret capital

Duration: Daytrip Serekunda is home to about 400.000 people, and it seems to burst at all seams. Serekunda is Gambia’s biggest city and has long become the economic hub. It’s not exactly pretty or relaxing, but it’s definitely worth a visit to get a glimpse into a...

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